Small Wonders Model Makers consists of a small team of modellers dedicated to producing fine scale fortifications and military equipment to museum standard. Our models have been used to compliment and display collections of high quality figurines or to use as accurate, period war games accessories. Large-scale buildings for use in set piece manoeuvres that allow the gamer to realise total reality in miniature of campaigns long gone. The models produced are also collector's items in their own right and each one will be totally unique due to the methods of manufacture and finish. Strictly limited edition these pieces will appreciate in value and it is intended that they be produced to, in the future, rival those prices for antique toys seen today. The team have individually been hobbyists in the field since the early sixties and skills and techniques honed on many materials and methods throughout the years. Quality Scale and accuracy are the bywords.   

Small Wonders Model Makers are experienced in the use of a wide range of techniques and materials from natural products such as all types of Wood, Wax, and Plaster Fondue through to modern Resin, Silicone, Mineral Filled Polymers and Glass Reinforced Plastics.
The range of models built over the years span scales from 1/1200th through to large Playground toys and equipment. Many subjects have been covered, mainly military but over the last five years the specialisation has been towards Fine Scale Architectural Models of military structures and Military equipment.
The teams preferred scale is 54mm (1/32nd) but models built recently are in scales of 1/64th , 1/30th , 1/32nd and 1/40th

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